Contact Akhuwat

Akhuwat offers several ways to get in touch with them regarding their loan schemes:

  • Branch Network: Akhuwat has a vast network of branches across Pakistan. You can find the branch closest to you by visiting their website and exploring the “Branch Network” section. This page provides contact information, including phone numbers and addresses, for each branch.
  • Online Contact Form: If you prefer to contact Akhuwat electronically, you can utilize their online contact form on their website: “Contact Akhuwat”. This form allows you to submit inquiries about loan schemes, eligibility, or any other questions you may have.
  • Social Media: Akhuwat maintains a presence on various social media platforms. While they may not handle loan applications directly through social media, you can use these channels to get general information or send direct messages with your inquiries. Here are some of their social media links:
    • Facebook: Akhuwat Facebook
    • Twitter: Akhuwat Twitter


  • Akhuwat emphasizes face-to-face interaction. They often hold meetings or information sessions at mosques or community centres. Reaching out to your local branch through the contact information provided might reveal upcoming events where you can learn more and ask questions in person.

Remember, regardless of the method you choose, Akhuwat prioritizes clear communication. They aim to answer your inquiries and guide you through the loan application process effectively.

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